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Rukos Kreativ is a production house that helps companies to promote their brand through creative visual means. Strengthen by talents from different backgrounds we have the ability to ignite our creativity that are free from the trap of formality and stiffness to produce something unique and out of the box.

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Our past experience enables us to work with multiple parties from different background and organization. We tailored our approach based on our client’s interest equipped with unique communication style. 

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We believe that our work sends millions of feelings to the audience.


We can manage and produce digital campaign that fits your brand’s personality.

Media Production

We are experienced in the field of media production, from movie, series or documentation.

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Jl. P. Komarudin 2 Rt. 003/05. No. 23. Penggilingan – Cakung. Jakarta Timur. 13940. Jakarta.

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